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Many members of the “baby boomer” generation will, at some point in their lives, receive an inheritance. With the average inheritance estimated at $65,000, having some kind of plan for managing that sum of money will certainly prevent problems and help keep your financial future secure. If you inherit a significant amount of money, these Continue Reading

Your Kids Need an Estate Plan Too

As you near retirement age, it also means that your children are nearing (or already in) their adult years. While thinking about an estate plan for your adult children is probably the furthest thing from your mind (and theirs), it is a good idea to put in place, just in case. Once your children are Continue Reading

The Baby Boomer generation is on track to inherit as much as $8.4 trillion over the next fifteen years, according to a recent report from Boston College's Center for Retirement Research. An article in the New York Times recently explored some of the complicated issues that come along with receiving an inheritance. Not all of Continue Reading

UPDATE: ATF Has Issued A Final Rulemaking. Get the details here. The answer to your first question is, "Yes, NFA Gun Trusts are still legal." However, their future usefulness in bypassing the CLEO signature requirement for Forms 1 and 4 filed after the regulations go into effect could be at risk. Trusts in existence before Continue Reading

You can spend your entire life building up wealth.  How long will you spend planning what will happen after you pass? A recent Consumer Reports survey reveals that 86% of people haven’t reviewed or updated their estate documents in the past five years. The law and your assets can change greatly during that time period Continue Reading

Estate Planning - It’s all about your Family

What would happen to your family if something happened to you tomorrow?

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