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The Baby Boomer generation is on track to inherit as much as $8.4 trillion over the next fifteen years, according to a recent report from Boston College's Center for Retirement Research. An article in the New York Times recently explored some of the complicated issues that come along with receiving an inheritance. Not all of Continue Reading

It’s no secret that more and more children are living with their parents on into adulthood. It is estimated that roughly a third of Americans age 18-31 still live at home, or have returned home after college. While there are a variety of factors contributing to this statistic, from dwindling job prospects to a simple Continue Reading

A very unfortunate trend has been appearing in the world of identity theft – stealing the identities of the recently deceased. Not only can this wreak financial havoc on the estate of a recently departed family member or loved one, it also creates significant emotional stress for the bereaving people who must now navigate an Continue Reading

Planning for Your Digital Assets

While many people are aware of the need for an estate plan, or at least the importance of arranging various affairs for when they are no longer alive, most of us overlook the relatively modern need to arrange our digital affairs as well. In a 2011 McAfee study, Americans valued the contents of their various Continue Reading

Estate planning isn’t just about money. While the financial burdens you leave behind – and the expenses you may encounter in your golden years – are certainly an important part of planning your estate, making sure that the other, non-financial elements are in place is just as important. Regardless of where your assets or retirement Continue Reading

Estate Planning - It’s all about your Family

What would happen to your family if something happened to you tomorrow?

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