What We Do


My name is Zachary Setzer, founder of Providence Wills and Trusts, formerly the Law Office of Zachary B. Setzer, PLLC. I’m very glad that you have found our digital home where you can learn more about our services, planning process, and all the ways that we are different from the other Charlotte estate planning lawyers. Our goal is to make working with us such a great experience that you’ll want to tell all of your friends. That’s why we go to great effort to examine everything about the traditional process of working with a lawyer–the hourly billing, the intimidating office, the power suits, and the confusing talk–and throw it out the window! Our first priority is for you to feel comfortable throughout our process so that you will never be afraid to ask a question or have me clarify anything you don’t understand.

But we don’t just offer a different atmosphere. My goal is to offer the best, most comprehensive planning available for you and your family. We do business differently from other estate planning lawyers, and we also offer services that they don’t. You see, the whole estate planning industry is designed with the needs of the aging in mind. But the aging are not the only ones who need estate planning. Far from it!

Consider a young family with kids still living at home. If something happens to the parents today, what will happen to their kids tonight? It can take weeks or even months for the guardians nominated in a will to be confirmed by the court, so what happens in between? And what if the guardians live a thousand miles away? And most parents of young children haven’t even gotten around to making a will yet. What happens to their kids?

And what happens to their assets? Whether they have a will or not, the assets will probably be held until the kids turn 18 (or 21 if their guardians do some extra planning) and then given to them outright. I haven’t met many 21-year-olds who can handle that kind of inheritance responsibly. The result is often that the entire inheritance is lost within a few years.

That is why we have created a special planning package designed specifically for families with kids who still live at home. We are well versed in the needs, concerns, and desires of parents. We focus on educating you, the parent, so that you will understand what would happen if tragedy struck today, and how to change things so that your own plan will take effect instead.

Don’t have minor children? No problem! We work with everyone, whether you’re 28 or 108.

Once you have made your initial estate plan with us, we will begin forging an ongoing relationship that will last for the rest of your lifetime. We will always be there to ensure that your plan will actually work when it is needed, even if life, your family, or the law changes over time. And we will be in constant contact with legal and financial tips through our weekly email updates and our monthly newsletter. You never have to wonder if you missed any important developments because we’ve got you covered.

So please take your time and browse around our site to learn about the details of what makes us different. If you have questions about the law of estate planning or about the different tools that are available, you should find the information in our free Law Guides very helpful and informative.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to come in for a Family Wealth Planning Session , or to request more information, just give us a call at 704-288-4700, and ask for Ashley, our Client Services Director. If you tell her how you found our website, I’ll get her to waive the $500 fee for your Family Wealth Planning Session!

Wishing you all the very best,

Zachary Setzer