Estate Planning – It’s About Your Family

What would happen to your family if something happened to you tomorrow?

Would they be left with a complicated mess that could cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees and tie up needed assets for months or even years?

Would your financial legacy be at risk of loss to a surviving spouse’s remarriage, or to a beneficiary’s divorce, creditors, lawsuits, or bankruptcy?

For our clients, the answer is NO.

That’s because our unique systems go way beyond what most Charlotte estate planning attorneys do, which is just providing a stack of legal documents that you will put on a shelf and forget about. We ensure that your financial house is in order and that your assets are protected. We take steps to ensure your assets are owned in the right way so that your estate plan won’t fail when it’s needed most.

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The First Step In Our Process: The Family Wealth Planning Session

Don’t call it a consultation! At this two-hour working meeting we will review your current family and financial situation and any current estate plan you may have in place. We will show you exactly what would happen if something happened to you tomorrow. If the status quo meets your needs, you don’t need any additional planning.

However, if you don’t like the status quo, and if we feel there is a mutual fit between your family and our firm, we will move on to the second half of the meeting in which we will design, in detail, a custom estate plan specifically suited to your family and financial situation and your planning goals.

You’ll know the exact cost of your estate plan before you commit to anything, and you will never have to worry about additional bills when you call with questions.

At Your Family Wealth Planning Session, You Will Learn:

  • How To Save Your Family Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars—And A Huge Headache—By Avoiding Probate

  • How To Leave More Than Money By Capturing Your Intellectual, Emotional, And Spiritual Assets To Leave A Personal Legacy
  • Why The Real Difference Between Estate Planning Attorneys Is In The Service They Provide Rather Than In The Number of Articles They Publish

You can see why we normally charge $500 for this valuable two-hour meeting. But if you call us today and let us know how you heard about us, we will waive the fee. You can call us at 704-288-4700 or click the button below to have our attorney contact you.

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